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        Product name:Wire belt bucket elevator

        Update time:2016-12-29 17:22:42

        N-TDG wire belt bucket elevator (hereinafter referred to as TDG elevator) is the product developed through the advanced technology of similar products in the company. It adopts the high-strength wire belt, which can largely improve the lifting height and conveying capacity of the elevator, and the product has been widely applied in various industrial countries considering the conveying system in cement, chemistry, coal, electricity, port, food and other industries.

        The characteristics of N-TGD wire belt elevator:

        1.It possesses high convey height, and the single machine can reach to 120m for the maximum.

        2.It possesses big conveying capacity, and the maximum can reach to 926m3/h.

        3.The applicable material temperature can reach to below 150°C.

        4.The anti-tear steel cord belt is adopted for the traction, with high tensile strength, good tenacity, no extension and other characteristics.

        5.It possesses compact arrangement among the hoppers, and can realize continuous extraction, and continuous unloading.

        6.It possesses long service life, good operation reliability, and can operate for more than 40,000 hours with no faults.

        7.It possesses low power consumption, and when being compared with general elevator, it can save more than 30% of energy, with low using cost.

        8.It possesses convenient operating maintenance, and few quick-wear parts, and when being compared with general bucket elevator, its maintenance expense can be reduced by more than 80%.

        9.It possesses high structural precision, big strength, and beautiful appearance.

        10.It possesses good leakproofness, and less environmental pollution.

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