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        Invention patent "gypsum calcination special furnace" to declare success
        Release time:2016-12-29 15:38:11      Click times:1599

        Gypsum stone or industrial by-product of gypsum dihydrate calcium sulfate in the form of its molecular formula has two crystal water, only to take off a semi-crystalline water generated calcium sulfate hemihydrate gelled nature of the process, the process of crystallization of water off Calcined for gypsum. Currently calcined gypsum used in the way are: First, the use of wok calcined gypsum, the second is the use of rotary kiln calcined gypsum, the third is the use of boiling furnace calcined gypsum, calcination of the above three kinds of equipment to produce a single product, can not meet the needs of different customers .

        Although there are all kinds of calcined gypsum special tools, but only applies to one type of raw materials, can not meet the different materials, calcined equipment, internal structure is not perfect, can not accurately grasp the furnace of the time and the temperature of the material time. Calculating furnace in each room have a thermal resistance of its internal temperature induction, can be detected through the computer system intuitive material in each room instantaneous temperature, to ensure that the material during calcination will not burn or over-burning phenomenon, to ensure that the Product stability.

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